Sunday, May 3, 2009

DM quilt, crocheted afghan and other things.

Hubby needed to use the computer so here is the rest of my post. While I waited for my turn again I finished sewing down the binding on this Debbie Mumm sampler. It was a BOM on her site in 2007 and I finished the blocks in December that year. Then nothing happened until last November when I decided to use it as a practice piece for my machine quilting. I like the sashing idea but I found out that I'm not a sampler person, which I find a bit funny because I like seeing other people samplers. This is the only thing I've made from DM patterns.

I talked to my uncle about the sewing machine. It's not from his MIL but from his son in law Grandfather who was always fixing things for friends and family. Uncle thinks the sewing machine was never taken back by it's owner because the shuttle (not shooter like we say) is missing. He had found out it's from Germany and was made in 1919. There is more about it here
and here. I'm not finding the sites I find very useful, but then I'm not very good at searching.

This is how far out of the ground my daffodils are. Sorry about the dog .... in the front, (only noticed it just now) this is what comes to light when the snow goes away. I have jet to take the rake and clear all the happy things our dog has left in the garden this past winter. Also bones are not friendly to my lawn mover.

The crocuses are always a happy sight. The first rays of color every spring.

And here is the crocheted afghan my Granny made me when I was a teenager. I used it on my kids beds and I was surprised when I found it (on a shelf in the laundry room right in front of my eyes when I'm folding laundry, duh) how small it has become after all the washings it's bin through. I remember it shrunk a little every time, but it's at least 20 cm. smaller now than when it was new and let me assure you, it's not that I've grown taller.

That's it for now.

Happy sewing and gardening.



  1. I love the quilt and afghan. I really like sampler gives me a chance to make many different blocks which I so enjoy doing. Your's is really pretty.

    That sewing machine is awesome!!

  2. Oh Sunny, what a wonderful afghan from your grandmother. So it has shrunk rather than you getting taller? Maybe a little of both?

    You are nearly 2 months behind us with flowers. Our crocuses were blooming in late February and daffodils done in March.

    I like the sampler. I AM a sampler sort of least I've done several. I think I even downloaded those DM blocks..but haven't made them. I don't do a lot of her patterns either.

  3. I really like the sashing on your sampler quilt! What a fun sewing machine... the base is so elaborate!

  4. Bellisssimi i colori del quilt!